Most of the things I’ve worried about…

…never happened.

Don’t worry so much as I have done Lawrie.

When I was younger I used to have so many worries, most of which never happened. Perhaps in listing a few of them and seeing just how daft they were you’ll see how really, it’s better to tread lightly and not worry too much. The really bad things tend to sneak up when you’re not expecting them anyway, so there’s no logic to worrying about the small ones.

Things I worried about when younger included:-

  • That my Mum would also die and be taken away from me. As of writing your Grandma is still about in her 70’s now.
  • That there would be a total nuclear war between Russia and America and we’d all go down in flames. (It was the 1980’s you know)
  • That I’d get called up and have to fight in the first Gulf war and probably die there.
  • That I’d never get a girl friend.
  • That I’d never have children.
  • That my head was too big, my legs too small, I wasn’t good looking enough.
  • That I’d never be able to have my own house.
  • That I’d never cope when relationships broke up.
  • That I’d be fired from various jobs I had because I felt people would find out I wasn’t any good at them.

Worrying doesn’t solve anything and only makes you fret about things that may never happen.

If you are really worried about something I would suggest that you talk to someone about your worry, prepare as best you can for what may happen and then ask yourself if what you are worrying about will matter tomorrow, next week or in a few years time. Most of the time it won’t.

And if that fails have a little bit of faith that most of the time things really do seem to work out for the best. And if they don’t, well you are stronger and more resilient than you think. You WILL be able to cope, trust me.

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