You are my precious little gift


You are my precious little gift.

I hope to live a long and healthy life. In fact, I hope to be around well into my dribbling, cantankerous, embarassing-but-fun old dotage, watching you grow into a man.

I lost my Dad when I was quite little. I, together with your Grandma and Uncle’s kind of got on with it, but there have always been those moments when I wished I could have known my dad a lot better.

I missed having talks with him, learning what his life was like and finding out all of the things he had learned about life and would be able to teach me.

So this is a bit like my insurance policy.

I want to tell you about my past, how I grew up – YOUR history. But I also want to share my thoughts, lessons and dreams so that when it’s my time to shuffle off this mortal coil, you’ll have a little memento of me that may be some value or comfort.

Dig in, enjoy, learn, disagree.

But most of all, know I love you.


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