Boom Gagga

“Boom!” and the passenger side window slowly fell.

You looked on in amazement and felt the breeze on your face. Turning to me you waited to for a small bit of encouragement. I nodded.

You thought for a while, then fixed your gaze on the drivers-side window.

As the pieces of the mental jigsaw puzzle fell into place, I saw a smile form on your face and then a full-on grin.

You took a deep breath.


A pause and then as the window also began to descend, you let out a squeal of delight.

We continued to play the Boom Gagga game for many, many minutes. You didn’t seem to tire of it for a long time.

With each “Boom” the passenger window obeyed, either opening or closing depending on where it was starting from, likewise with the Gagga’s and the drivers side.

I don’t think that you ever realised that my finger was on the electric window controls, hidden from your view by my seat. I don’t know why the two left and right commands became “Boom” and “Gagga”. But I do know that they brought a huge amount of joy to a small boy, strapped into the back of this Dad’s car, waiting for Mum to finish her shopping.

They brought a lot of joy to me too.

Maybe one day, when you have a small child of your own, you too will play the “Boom Gagga” game.

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