Don’t sing quietly

Sing loudly

Write and don’t worry what people may think.

Often, people who are more successful than you are actually not better than you.

When I was younger I worried what people would think. So I sang quietly. I stayed with the group, I didn’t stand out. I didn’t want to be noticed in case I  was shot down or ridiculed.

You need to learn to just put out what you want into the world. If you want to write a book, do it, even if you do so badly. No one is keeping score, and often the very people who would criticise you, will suddenly be praising what you did, if you just keep going and do what you do.

I originally wrote this note four years ago. Soon afterwards I took down this blog because I was afraid of the comments that someone had said to me. But for a long while now I have been feeling, deep down, that I need to write here. I need to get it all out. Maybe this is my little bit of art. Maybe it will be ridiculed by others or judged. If that’s the case so be it.

But having taken my own medicine, even if a few years down the line, I’m going to carry on now and write from my heart.

I’m not going to sing quietly anymore. Don’t you do that either.

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