Being small

Sometimes when I’ve been having a bad time or am feeling low, I’ve gone outside and looked at the stars and the universe.

There are billions of galaxies and stars and planets out there son. Knowing that you are just a tiny, minuscule, infinitesimally small part of the universe can be a comfort. Because if you’re that small, it goes to show that your problems are also that small.

The universe works – it all works together perfectly. So being engulfed in it and part of it, but a teeny tiny part is enough you know.

In some ways, you, me and that problem don’t really matter much at all on a universal scale. I don’t mean this to say you don’t matter to me, your mum, family and friends, even to God – you do and you are precious.

But try to find some comfort in realising that you are part of something much much bigger. And from that perspective there’s not a lot to fret about.

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