Building Towers


The 2nd November 2013 was a good day. Your Mum was out doing errands and I was left looking after you.

You’ve quite liked Mega Blocks (cheap lego type bricks) but this was the first time that you stacked a few together. With a bit of help from me, you gradually began to build up. It didn’t matter what the colour, shape or size of the block was, just that you saw that up was good and wanted to make a tower.

I helped you a little bit. First in making a few connections to ensure our tower (you see it is now “our tower”, not yours or mine) had a bit of structure to hold it together and allow it to grow and exceed our expectations, and secondly in lifting you up to place the top layers when the tower was bigger than you could reach.

It was such a joy to see you suddenly get it. Get that you were making something, of your choice. Creating and designing. It was a real joy for me, to let go of things on my mind, my thoughts and adult concerns and to connect with the moment. A wonderful moment of just dreaming and building.

It was a great tower. High, colourful, impressive. I was SO proud of seeing you build it and of being privileged to have been able to be a part of the process little man. Thank you for giving me a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

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